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Our Ice Machines

If you operate a bar, restaurant or club you know just how important it is to keep your drinks cool. If you need ice quick and easily, an ice machine is the perfect solution to all of your needs. At TRAC (UK) we can supply a number of ice machines that are reliable, affordable and efficient, so you have one less thing to worry about, in the running of your venue. We primarily supply Hoshizaki and Scotsman ice machines which are high quality and long-lasting.




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Types of Ice

Deciding on the right ice machine for you depends on a number of factors. One of those being the form of ice you wish to serve your customers. The most appropriate ice for you, depends on the items you’re selling and the speed at which you need the ice. Perhaps you operate a luxury bar that sells whiskey, if so, you’ll want a different type of ice than what is sold to put in soft drinks at a family restaurant.






Cube Ice

Cube shaped ice is the most popular choice for many of our clients and is great for carbonated drinks as it takes far longer to melt in comparison to other forms of ice. Cubed ice can come in a variety of sizes and is the perfect choice for bars, pubs and family restaurants.


Flaked Ice

Flaked is where the ice forms in irregular shapes and is most often used in fisheries, laboratories and commercial factories. As the ice is not so solid, it shapes itself around items and provides a cooling environment. Flaked ice can also be used in the production of cocktails and smoothies as they are less abrasive on equipment such as blenders.


Cubelet Ice

Cubelet ice is the toughest form of flake ice and produced at below zero temperatures, but compressed to remove excess water. This decreases the size of the ice to around one tenth of its original size.



Nugget Ice

This form of ice produces random irregular sized ice that derives from hard compacted flake ice with a slow melt rate.


Crescent Ice

Crescent ice is transparent crescent shaped ice which can take advantage of free space, thus maximizing storage capacities. The shape of crescent ice means that it is less prone to splashing compared to cube ice and can be used in beverages and for cooling fish.






After you have decided on the type of ice you want to serve at your establishment. You’ll also need to consider the positioning of your ice machine. Where your ice machine is situated is important as you will need power, drainage and a water supply. If you need further assistance in finding the right ice machine, please get in contact with TRAC (UK), your friendly commercial fridge freezer suppliers and repairmen in Kent.

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Installation, Repair and Maintenance




As with all the products we sell, we can install, repair and maintain all ice machines. Scheduled visits are crucial in preserving the efficiency of your ice machines. Our team of experts are always available, ready to provide assistance if your ice machine breaks down. We can also clean and descale your ice machine to give better quality ice.


 Ice machine maintenance, before. Commercial Fridge Freezer Supply and Repair in Kent and UK


 Ice machine maintenance, after. Commercial Fridge Freezer Supply and Repair in Kent and UK




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