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Our Cold Rooms and Commercial Fridges

Cold Rooms and commercial fridges are vital components of any kitchen, and it is important that they are reliable, powerful and efficient. Cold rooms, fridges and freezers are constantly opened and closed, but also safeguard hundreds, if not, thousands of pounds worth of food and drink inside. We have an exhaustive knowledge of all fridges, freezers and cold rooms and can assist you, if you are looking to enhance your kitchen. The brands we supply include: Foster, Gamko, Osborne, True, Interlevin.



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Cold Rooms

The main advantage that cold rooms have over more traditional fridges and freezers is that they offer the most space. As cold rooms are so large, they allow easy access and are often more economical to operate than many smaller refrigeration units. The space provided means you can rack items so you can quickly locate the products you are looking for.

Cold rooms are very versatile and you can choose to situate your cold room outside freeing up even more space in your kitchen. They are also not just for restaurants – florists, pharmacies and ice sculptors can all take advantage of cold rooms. If you would like further details about our cold rooms, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our commercial fridge freezer supply and repair company in Kent.

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 Commercial Fridge Freezer Supply and Repair in Kent and UK



Commercial Fridges and Freezers

If you don’t have the space or need for a walk-in room, we also offer a range of commercial fridges and freezers. Just like cold rooms, it is essential that your commercial fridge or freezer is reliable, safe and will always perform well whatever the circumstances.

We can supply a number of fridges, which are appropriate for different circumstances. Upright fridges offer the most storage, and are often the most popular choice for customers who want to make the most of tight spaces. Alternatively, counter fridges offer chilled storage but also provide a large table top for you to prepare food. If you want even more space for ambient and chilled food, you may decide that a prep counter fridge is the best product for you. If you would like more details about the options available to you, please contact us.

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Installation, Repair and Maintenance




Delivering a commercial fridge or freezer is relatively straight forward. Installing a cold room is slightly more complicated and will involve us visiting your premises to carry out a site survey, to ensure that a cold room can be properly installed. One of our experts will check for obstructions, ventilation and access to the site of the installation. If we get the all clear from the survey, then installation can be arranged at a time of your convenience.

Our extensive knowledge of all refrigeration systems means we are best placed to maintain your equipment and ensure that it works correctly and has the longest lifespan. Regular upkeep is essential, because if your cold room is operating improperly this can reduce efficiency and increase costs. However, if any of your fridge, freezers or cold rooms do break down, one of our technicians will be on hand out of hours, if you have an urgent issue.